District 3 Report – June 2022

Hello from District 3 Sisters and Brothers, 

So here we are at the start of another summer with the expectations of our annual uptick in job calls. Although it’s been a little sluggish, District 3 still has plenty of members working in our district as well as a few new projects starting up soon.  

The Chargers football team has broken ground on their new training facility in El Segundo. It will be located behind the Raytheon building on El Segundo Blvd and the railroad tracks to the south. I drove by there recently to see a large excavation and rebar going in around the perimeter. Rosendin will be performing the electrical work and is slated to be out there sometime in August.  

Cedars Sinai is starting a new wing at their West L.A. campus. It is slated to be 405,000 square feet at a cost of roughly $800 million and is located at the corner of San Vicente and Beverly. The electrical contractor is unknown at this time, but I will be visiting the site soon and report back.  

Lastly, there will be a new hotel built in Santa Monica. It will be located on Ocean Ave and boasts 316,000 square feet of hotel rooms, condos, and a culture center all covered by a PLA. 

I want to thank all our stewards working in Local 11. It can be a thankless job, and the only reward is serving the members. They deserve our respect. As an agent, I also want to thank the members who reach out to the agents in the district where they are working when they see something that just doesn’t seem right. We can not be everywhere all the time, and you are our eyes and ears. We all carry the responsibility to protect our work.  

Please stay safe and watch out for each other. 


Mike Costigan 

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