Compliance Report — February 2024

PLA’s generate work for our members, especially during times of economic hardships. However, with PLA work comes a learning curve experienced by first-time PLA subscription agreement contractors who now need to comply with new reporting, local hire, and dispatch requirements.

Our members can be assured that the IBEW 11 Compliance and Business Agent is in contact with the new contractor to help make the PLA process as easy as possible. Our initial contact commences at the time of the pre job followed by a series of meetings and tutorials on how to request dispatch, pay our members, lay off a report benefits.

Since reporting of benefits to the Trust Funds is a new feature for the PLA subscription agreement contractor, it is important that our members periodically check that benefits are being timely and accurately reported. If you encounter an issue with reporting and a PLA subscription agreement contractor, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Veronica Martinez

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