Refinery Report – March 2022

We had a Paramount Planning Commission Board meeting scheduled for Monday, March 14, at the City of Paramount City Hall at 5:30 p.m. During this meeting, Local 11 had members who live in the city of Paramount present speeches on behalf of the IBEW to the project’s commissioning board and the Paramount City Council to hopefully push the start date for the Clean Fuels project at Paramount for our IBEW contractor, Newtron Electric. Newtron Electric is ready to begin the demolition phase of the work at the old Paramount Petroleum Refinery along with the new rebuild of the new “Clean Fuels” Refinery.

For our members who are looking to go to work on this project, Newtron Electric is requiring that members have a current RSO 20 training card and be fully vaccinated to work at the new World Energy Facility.

California Spectra is getting close to the completion of the turnaround work at Valero, Wilmington Refinery. Some of those members may be transferred to the New World Energy Refinery, as Cal Spectra has a small portion of the work at the New World Energy Refinery in Paramount as well. I am hoping that the AQMD permit gets signed and this major project gets started to provide plenty of very nice brand-new industrial work for many of our members.

Work will be ramping up at Phillips 66 Refinery in the coming months as well. To work at P66 – Wilmington, our members must have a current RSO20 cert., a current TWIC Card and be fully vaccinated.

There will also be a few small turnarounds at Valero, Wilmington to work for Schultz Mechanical. Schultz will also require the RSO20, TWIC and full vaccination to work at Valero, Wilmington.

There will soon be journeyman calls for Schultz Mechanical at Marathon Refinery and for California Spectra at World Energy Refinery – Paramount and Valero – Wilmington. Members will need a current RSO20 card, TWIC card and full vaccination with both of these contractors at these locations. Newtron Electric will be setting up crews at the Paramount – World Energy Refinery in the coming weeks for this extensive refinery project. Newtron Electric is requiring our members to have a current RSO20 card and also to be fully vaccinated to take a call.

Please stay current on all your certifications and I hope to see you at one of our refineries!

I am honored to be your representative.

Manny Solis

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