Intelligent Transportation Report — March 2022

As Daylight Savings arrives, let’s hope all are well and ready to enjoy spring, summer and our chance to go outside and enjoy more freedoms.

Please continue to practice safe protocols to protect you and your loved ones, when they are in place.

Although things stayed steady throughout the fall and winter, several employers seem to have work available soon. At this time, there are a few members in the hall who are available for work. With the work picture improving, there soon should be an opportunity to go to work.

In preparation for the upcoming negotiations, please check the Local 11 website and fill out the form regarding any changes or proposals to the Transportation Systems Agreement and submit those via the website.

Lastly, as things start looking and feeling normal, please attend union functions like picnics and meetings. After all, these are for you, the member, and for your family.

Patrick Owens

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