Refinery Report – October 2021

Marathon Refinery – Wilmington

Schultz Mechanical is completing much of the tank farm work inside Marathon Refinery. Our members are doing excellent work for Schultz. There are a few small projects at Marathon Refinery still slated to continue through the end of this year. Schultz is looking to simply use the current manpower to complete their scheduled work.

Valero Refinery – Wilmington

Schultz has a few small turnaround projects inside the Valero Refinery. Schultz will possibly need a few more journeymen at the Valero Refinery in the fourth quarter of this year. Members will need the RSO20 training card and the TWIC card to accept a job at the Valero Refinery. California Spectra Electric also has turnaround work scheduled in the Valero-Wilmington Refinery in early 2022. Cal Spectra has work in a few different units of the refinery and will need manpower. Spectra will need certified level “B” instrumentation technicians, journeyman wireman and apprentices for this work.

PBF Refinery – Torrance 

M.B. Herzog will need certified level “B” instrumentation technicians and a few certified journeymen wiremen for upcoming turnaround work in the fourth quarter of this year. The requirements to work at PBF – Torrance are the RSO20 and the TWIC card.

World Energy RefineryParamount

Work at World Energy / Paramount Petroleum is about to kick off in mid- to late November. Newtron Electric will be ready to go and begin the demo and rebuild of much of the old Paramount Refinery. Both IBEW union contractors, Newtron Electric and California Spectra Electric, have been awarded the first of many contracts for much of this very fine work inside of what will be the “New” World Energy Refinery. The first contract will require both of our electrical contractors to hire IBEW journeymen, certified instrumentation technicians and apprentices for the newest contract. The RSO20 training card will be needed to take a call out to World Energy Refinery.

Newtron Electric is looking to begin work at the World Energy facility and will be placing an initial call for approximately 50 inside wiremen and women, as well as a handful of instrumentation technicians with the level B certifications. Newtron Electric will also be placing calls for apprentices. California Spectra Electric will get started at this refinery at the early part of 2022 and will be placing a handful calls for all classifications.

As the third and fourth quarters in the refineries approach, work in many other refineries will also be coming. Many of our other contractors working in the refineries are looking to acquire much-needed manpower in the winter months of 2021. So please stay current with the RSO20 training card and please keep your TWIC card current.

Manny Solis
Refinery Business Representative
(626) 318-7442

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