District 5 — Big News from the High Desert

Hello Brothers and Sisters from the High Desert:

As of this writing we have Cupertino Electric hiring for the 120 MW Solar project in Lancaster. This project should run several months and could see some overtime. We have Taft Electric who was awarded two projects at Antelope Valley College, which is under a Community Workforce Agreement. We also have new and ongoing projects at the Defense Plants which have been hiring, and we have work at the Kaiser clinics, where several of our contractors are working.

In the evening of February 26 at the Lancaster City Council meeting, Brother and Business Development Director Dave Gomez was appointed Lancaster City Deputy Mayor. A very distinguished and honorable position. This was a great event not only for the City of Lancaster, but also for IBEW in our never-ending quest to work in partnership with our elected officials. Through our Business Manager Joel Barton, Business Development Senior Director Carl Tomczak, Director Dave Gomez, Assistant Director Kathy MacLaren and our membership participation, we have now secured ten Community Workforce Agreements here in the High Desert. This was unheard of in the past! Remember Brothers and Sisters, “Politics Create Jobs.” I want to personally thank our members who gave up there precious time to attend the Lancaster City Council meeting: Alfredo Torres, Michael Polanco, Jorge Castillo, Romeo Gonzalez, Luis Martinez, Mike Kaminski, Ian Gibson, Felipe Figueroa, Casey Dillon, Joshua Rivas, Daniell Johnson, Bill Author, David Nevarez, Adalberto Gonzales, Oliver Lopez, Daren Springett, Edgar Ico, Victor Lambaren, Victor Pugh, King Moore II, Alex Landa, Marty Celis, Camille Carter, Ahmad Anderson and Deo’Rae Henson.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters, and God Bless the IBEW.

Mitch Klein
District 5 Business Report

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