District 1 South Report — January 2024

These are some ongoing projects in the region:

OHILL – SASCO ELECTRIC is building a high rise that is more than 50 stories tall at Olympic and Hill streets. If a call comes for that, it’s still a project with a long way to go.

ELAC South Gate Regional HS is at a standstill right now. Taft Electric is on the project and hopefully it will get going soon. Right now, the steel is up for all floors, and we’re waiting for work to resume. So, that will be a lengthy project once it gets underway.

Cupertino Electric is still looking to increase manpower in the coming weeks and will need to do overtime to complete the project to make the deadline. Look for that call in the coming weeks.

There will be more projects to come as we get into the New Year. It is an honor to serve you.

Shomari Davis
Business Representative District One South

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