CE/CW Report – October 2022

Hello sisters and brothers. It is my pleasure to serve as your Apprentice and CW/CE Business representative and CW/CE Coordinator. I will make sure to be available to you seven days a week, making sure that you are successful in this program.

For all CW6’s, I have sent an email on how to get on the ETI website to get you access to the California State Practice Exam. Also, remember that going to school is very important. You need 150 school hours and work hours per year. Please all CWs, you must keep your Trainee card updated. It is your responsibility to do so. Without a Trainees Card that is updated every year, you will not be able to work.

I am working on making the CW/CE program easier to access and being more available to you. We are looking to ramp up soon in different areas and different districts. Don’t forget to check your spam and emails for school notification so you don’t miss anything. It will help you to continue your program. If you have any questions about the program, I am accessible anytime.

IBEW is currently involved with IBEW Strong which is focused on inclusion, diversity, and equity for the working class. On that note, I was honored and privileged to attend the Women’s Conference in Washington DC which is focused on retention for women in the trade. It’s one thing to bring women in the trade, but another to keep them. We are trying to bring up our percentage of women in the local so if you know any women who are thinking about construction trades, please let them know we are looking to recruit women into the trade.

Jackie Waltman
Business Rep. and Coordinator – CW/CE and Apprentices
(323) 517-9609
(213) 541-1790

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