District 6 Report — May 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that your family and loved ones are all keeping safe. We are currently moving forward with the District 6 Welfare Committee looking for new and innovative ideas to raise money to help our Brothers and Sisters in need. As you all know, negotiations are around the corner, so let’s make sure that we do our part on the job by giving the contractors 848. There is also a contractor’s class coming up. For details feel free to give me a call. Don’t forget to take advantage of the benefits that we have such as the MAP program. Take total advantage of your benefits for you and your loved ones. 

Hybrid meetings are here for our units. We hope to give options to members who want to participate and be active in their unions.

Future work will include Queen of the Valley with Baker Electric, CSI, Mass and Johnson-Peltier all needing help as well.

Our annual picnic is coming up. Feel free to contact me if you were interested in volunteering or participating in the event which should be lots of fun for all.

We recently came back from Washington D.C. where we attended the Construction and Maintenance Conference as well as the NABTU Conference. It was an honor to represent the Local on this level and interesting to hear the politics behind how we get the work. We also went to the Las Vegas 9th District Progress Meeting to meet up with other IBEW delegates and I.O. Representatives.

I thank you all for the opportunity, and again I will give a detailed report regarding our findings in these areas and conferences.

Until then take good care, be safe out there on the jobsite and always look after one another. May God be with you all.

Jacob Troncoza
Business Representative
District 6

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