Sound & Communications Report – May 2022

Most of us did not wake up one morning and say, “I want to be an electrician” or even have the dream of being one as a child. I would say this trade fell onto most of our paths, and it was then a choice that we made to pursue it. Being, or becoming, a union electrician is a privilege that we may take for granted and tend to forget what our founding fathers fought for. Complacency could hurt us in many ways. You may get hurt on the job, you may pass up a promotion that leads to more money or even the non-advancement of your skills to have the means to grow productively. It does not take much to contribute and help with the cause that may benefit your everyday life.

Until we have a unified front, we will not be able to collectively achieve our goals within the Sound and Communication Unit. We all have like-minded goals, but we are not laser-focused on our objectives in achieving these goals. So, moving forward we need to focus on having respectful discussions and leave the combativeness outside the door in order to acquire our objectives. I ask you respectfully, my Brothers and Sisters, to join the discussion with meaningful and achievable talking points. Let’s be proactive not reactive. Decide to do it now!

There continues to be work on the horizon with projects such as the Clippers Intuit Dome, LAX, LAUSD and several others, so remember to stay up to date with your required classes and certifications.

Christine Austria-Lozoya

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