District 6 Report — October 2021

Hello to all from District 6,

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. There is much going on in our district, and we look forward to the upcoming holidays. I hope that all of you are working as we approach the end of 2021.

We have many events coming up as well as gatherings for the local. I encourage you all to participate in district gatherings throughout Local 11. If you work in another district, I encourage you to go to a meeting or gathering during this holiday season.

Work looks as if it might be picking up in our district with projects such as the Irwindale Brewery, Queen of the Valley Hospital, Gold Line extension LRT, Mt SAC, and EV installation in El Monte, Pomona and Hacienda Heights. Make sure to stop by our new hall to discuss training and classes that need to be acquired to take these calls when the time comes. God willing, you will be ready!

We are also pushing for ETI classes to be held here at our new District 6 hall. I need more signatures to show there is a demand for this. I also am communicating with trustees from our LAEWCU to get an ATM machine in our hall as well as at other halls around Los Angeles.

Union membership has many benefits. We have paperwork that allows new members to fill out an application to open a checking or savings account, receive a union credit card or apply for vehicle and personal loans. Begin the union life and enjoy the tools that will help you prosper!

We are now entering a new tomorrow and we don’t want anyone to get left behind. Let’s continue to do our part and get to work and be the proud professionals that the IBEW has trained and taught us to be. Progress and no looking back. Godspeed!

Please contact me about any concerns you may have or just to talk about life. Take good care of one another.

Yours with love and respect,

Jacob Troncoza
District 6 Business Agent

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