District 4 — June Report

These last few months have been surreal with millions of people having to quarantine. For those of you that have taken this time to protect the vulnerable members of your family, I hope all of you and your families have been able to stay safe and healthy.  For those that have continued to be essential workers, thank you for your service. What a great time to be part of a brotherhood. Please remember that the District 4 welfare committee is here to help you in your time of need.

Work is continuing and growing in District 4, despite the unusual circumstances. We have 3 large tilt up projects projected to start relatively soon. The Warner Promenade project just received final approval from the Los Angeles City Planning Commission. It is a $1.5 billion dollar project that includes 1,400 residential units, retail space of 280,000 sq ft, and a 572-room hotel! There is also a 10,000-seat entertainment and sports center proposed. This is just a sign that the future is not bleak and that we, together, will pull through these challenging times.

As the next few months continue to unveil the new normal, your agents are working hard to secure what is your work and ensure the safest working environment.

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