District 3 — February Report

Hello to all my Brothers and Sisters from the Westside,

I hear some people say work seems to be slowing down. Anyone whose been around for a few years knows to have slightly over 100 members on the book in January and February is still a pretty good work picture. As for District 3, we have a few projects at the airport that have been hiring throughout this winter. Rosendin has been calling for the Automated People Mover [APM], and a few calls for the new LAWA Police station. Both are in the process of installing underground, so there’s still quite a bit of work there. Also, Morrow Meadows has been calling for the Intermodal Transportation Facility [ITF] project and should be calling for the Consolidated Rental Car Facility [CONrac] soon. So, there is plenty of work at LAX. D-3 also has 3 Metro Purple Line projects that should be going on at the same time. I’ll be doing a follow up to that project in a month or two. And lastly, if you know or have heard of a brother or sister who is hurt or sick and isn’t working, have them get in touch with their welfare committee to help them with paying their dues or any outstanding bills. They are there to help.

Fraternally, Mike C

Mike Costigan
IBEW Local 11
Business Representative

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