Intelligent Transportation Systems — August Report

Greetings IBEW Local 11 Members (Intelligent Transportation Systems, Railroad Signal Maintenance Members, Certified Crane Maintenance Members and Outfront Media Billboard Maintenance Members).

Hoping that everyone’s Summer has been restful and enjoyable for you and your families.

As of this reporting, Intelligent Transportation Systems Negotiations has concluded with the ratification of a new 3-year Contract. Some of the changes would include raises over the 3 years of $11.35 total, as well as a $1.00 more an hour for possessing and working under the usage of a California Drivers License Class ‘A’, Class ‘B’, or an NCCO Boom Truck Operators License. In addition, overtime pay at double time after 10 hours work Monday through Saturday. A communication from Business Manager Joel Barton should be coming to you shortly with all the new, ratified changes. Please contact me with any questions, I can be reached at 626 255-2706 cell.

To our members who are working under the Railroad Signal Maintenance Agreement you as well have a recent increase in your wages. We are currently working under an extension of your current agreement so that we may put together a new agreement which would be more ‘user friendly’, and current to today’s advanced Railroad Maintenance Work. Your increase in hourly rate commenced on August 5, 2019, just like the Journeyman Wireman, and Intelligent Transportation Systems received. IBEW Local 11 will be meeting shortly with the employers to have industry discussions regarding changes and the new agreement. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Certified Crane Agreement members you also received an increase in wages commencing August 5, 2019. Your agreement has a direct relationship to the Inside Wireman’s Agreement. So, as the Wireman’s hourly rate increases so does yours. Please contact me as well with any questions.

Earlier this year IBEW Local 11 President Rusty Roten and I along with our members who work under the Outfront Media Billboard Maintenance Agreement negotiated a new 3-year agreement for work in that area of Electrical Work. It has raises in it as well.

As in all of what any of you do, there are certainly hazards and risks, to that point we would like to wish Brian Qualls, our member employed at Outfront Media a speedy recovery from a worksite accident he was involved in.

Get better soon Brian!

Patrick Owens
Business Representative

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