Compliance Report — August 2023

A few General Membership meetings ago I informed those present that if they had any issues with the Department of Industrial Relations’ responsiveness to their electrical exam or obtaining their trainee or certification cards to please reach out to me. In response to this announcement, many members contacted me informing me that they paid but had not received cards (despite follow up) or that their applications were lost in the system. If this is happening to you, please email me at martinez@ibew11.org so I can assist you. I will need: 1) copy(s) of your correspondence or application to the DIR, 2) your address and drivers license number, 3) the date you submitted the application or request, and 4) a copy of your receipt or cashiers check/money order. Once I communicate with an Electrical Certification representative, I will electronically copy you on all future correspondence.

Veronica Martinez

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