District 5 Report — May 2023

Howdy, Brothers and Sisters.

As we move into summer, calls in District 5 have improved. CSI Electric has been hiring for the 225 MW Solar, Battery and Sub-Station project. We continue work at Antelope Valley Hospital with several contractors, and Reyes and Sons have started work on the new Cedar Hall job at Antelope Valley College. Soon, we will be working on a new convention center, hydrogen plant, medical village and defense work. Please sign up for District 5 Journeyman classes, and stay on top of your State Licensing. Hot off the press is the new Community Workforce Agreement at the Antelope Valley Union High School District, which will cover all high schools in the Antelope Valley. Many thanks to our officers and members for their hard work, participation, and time to make Local 11 and our District 5 GREAT!

Mitch Klein

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