District 2 Report — April 2023

Here is the current project outlook in the District 2 area:

  • Conti: Rooftop solar project Alta Sea in San Pedro.
  • CSI: San Pedro Market Place Renovation.
  • CSI: Skechers HQ in Hermosa Beach.
  • Siege: At Pier 400 on Navy Way.
  • Gregg Electric: Boeing Enclave new tilt-ups by Long Beach Airport.
  • Neubauer Electric: Cerritos Community College Health/Science Building
  • ProCal Lighting: Bus Charging Infrastructure Project in Carson
  • LEED Electric: Port of Long Beach D48-50 Transit Shed Renovation
  • H&S Electric: Kaiser South Bay

Upcoming projects:

Harbor UCLA, 5-year plus project Rosendin/Meadows JV. Currently, just the new parking structure is being built.

Gregg Electric: New tilt-ups at the corner of 190th Street & Western Avenue. They are still rough grading the site.

Dyna: Train charging station in the Port of Los Angeles

PLA for City of Long Beach: $100-Million Belmont Beach & Aquatics Center

Remember, if you see another trade doing our work, call one of the Business Agents or Organizers.

Gary Tomlin
(626) 375-5721

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