President’s Message – March 2023

Inflation Impacting Contract Proposals, Wages, and Agreements

Brothers and Sisters,

By now, you all should have received a request to submit proposals for the Inside Wireman’s and Intelligent Transportation Systems Agreements. Most likely, we’ll receive proposals for various wage increase amounts over various timeframes. Interestingly, the CE/CW Agreement is in negotiations for wages only right now. The big issue right now is whether or not there has been inflation of our core living costs and if so, how much? 

Right now, the federal government is raising prime interest rates to slow inflation. This has an effect on our construction market by raising the cost to borrow money for new construction projects and even the size of the construction project. Our Contractors are “subs” to the General or “Prime” Contractors and the General Contractors are “subs” to the investor or developer.

We all need to be smart about our position and make the most prudent and reasonable proposals for our future in the electrical construction industry. Talk to one another. Ask questions. Do your best to be informed and submit proposals that have “merit”, and we’ll do our best to bring you a worthy contract proposal. 

As always, if you have any questions just ask your IBEW Agents or give our offices a call.

In Solidarity,

Gaylord R “Rusty” Roten
President IBEW Local 11

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