Political Director’s Report – March 2023

Big News! L.A. County Approves Community Workforce Agreement

By Antonio Sanchez, Political Director

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted on February 28 to approve the first countywide community workforce agreement. Yes! This is big news.

This community workforce agreement, also known as a project labor agreement or PLA, is estimated to cover about $1 billion worth of construction work a year. The County has lots of projects throughout the region, so this will cover everything from a stormwater capture project to a hospital. Just know that anything put out to bid by LA County that is over $5 million will now have our members on it. This is a five-year agreement and will include local and targeted hire goals. 

Please keep in mind that this was not an easy win. The approval process was short, but the effort to elect union-friendly supervisors was decades in the making. Our next goal is to include all-new affordable housing projects built by the County. 

Thank you to everyone that attended the L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting and spoke in favor of this effort. 

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