President’s Message – November 2022

Sobering News About Health Plan Benefits

Brothers and Sisters,

Another year is coming to a close. The job/employment numbers for this year are down from last year and a couple of factors have contributed to this slowing effect. New construction jobs are being delayed by rising interest rates (Prime lending rate) and residual health issues stemming from COVID-19 (Omicron). These same issues have also affected our health insurance plans, and now the cost of our premiums are starting to increase. Your Local 11 administration has been unswerving in its pursuit of better wages, more jobs and the best healthcare available.

If you have questions about your union benefits, please call the Pension and Health Trust or our offices.

Thank you for the privilege to serve and have a happy and safe holiday season.


Gaylord R “Rusty” Roten
President IBEW Local 11

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