Refinery Report – October 2022

Work in the refineries remains consistent and steady for many of our refinery contractors.

Schultz Electric will continue to need more manpower throughout this year as they are looking to build a strong workforce for a very large project they were recently awarded. Schultz Electric will be building crews for a huge automation modernization contract they have in both the Marathon-Carson and Marathon-Wilmington refineries.

To take a call for Schultz Electric, members need to have a RSO20 card, a TWIC card, OSHA 30, be fully vaccinated, and be able to pass a hair follicle drug screen.

Newtron Electric will also continue to place calls throughout this year. Newtron Electric has the contract to build a brand new refinery in Paramount. This new refinery is for the new owners, World Energy, and will run for the next five years. Newtron Electric has been awarded this major contract and will pe placing calls approximately bi-weekly.

To take a call for Newtron Electric, members need to have a RSO20 card, OSHA 30, NFPA70E, and be fully vaccinated.

Contra Costa Electric is also looking to bring on additional manpower. Contra Costa Electric is upgrading a couple of very large substations within the Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington. The work scope includes underground raceways, vaults, cable tray work, new conduit and wire work. All of the new upgrades will include both medium voltage and high voltage work.

To take a call for Contra Costa Electric, members need to have a RSO20 card, a TWIC card, and be fully vaccinated.

Many of our other refinery contractors will have contracts that will require additional manpower in 2023.

Manny Solis
Dist. 2 Business Representative
(626) 318-7442

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