District 2 Report — October 2022

My Brothers and Sisters,

There’s not a lot of change in upcoming or current projects in the District 2 area, so I will recap a little of what has already been reported on.

Job calls probably won’t start until early 2023. Taft Electric has the brand new, out-of-the-dirt Compton High School project starting soon.

There will be two new 8-story buildings coming in downtown Long Beach where the old Court House/Civic Center used to be. There are six tilt-up buildings coming in Carson across the freeway from IKEA where the outdoor mall was going to be built, a total of 1.5 million square feet. Gregg Electric will be doing this. Gregg will also be doing two new buildings by the Long Beach Airport. Gregg should also be doing the new tilt-up coming up on 190th Street in Torrance just down the way from the Local 11 South Bay Hall.

The Belmont Shores Pool in Long Beach is covered under a PLA and needs to be built before the 2028 Olympics.

AES Power Plant in Long Beach is scheduled to add another 75 MW of BESS.

BEI is currently working on a new battery storage facility at the Hinson Substation in Long Beach. This project is estimated for 6 to 9 months.

There are multiple projects in the Port of Long Beach and LA ongoing, with some new ones to start in the near future.

The City of Carson is going to be installing more than 100 EV charging stations after SCE gets the infrastructure in place. Baker Electric is slated to be installing the EV chargers. The new Infrastructure Bill is going to pump a lot of money into this EVITP type of work, so please get your EVITP certification. You can sign up for the class through ETI. It is an online course that lets you go at your own pace, and you will take the final test for your certification at the ETI.

The LA Auto Show is back this year taking the full facility. Freeman will be looking to call out more than 120 plus members for this show. Calls should be continuing into the first weeks of November.

Gary Tomlin
(626) 375-5721

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