Refinery Report – September 2022

Valero Refinery, Wilmington – There is work at Valero, Wilmington for both Schultz Electric and for California Spectra Electric.

Schultz Electric has work for a couple of JW’s and an apprentice through the end of the year as they have a few capital projects inside the refinery. They will also be looking to pick up an apprentice or two. Schultz will be working 4-10’s with some overtime here and there. Members will need the RSO20, TWIC, and be graduates of a state-approved apprenticeship.

California Spectra Electric / Bragg Investments will be looking to hire three or four JW’s for a few projects inside this refinery. Members will need the RSO20, TWIC, and must be able to pass the DISA background test. Both are very good companies and they are looking for members who are looking to stay working in the refinery for quite some time.

Phillips 66 Refinery, Wilmington – Contra Costa Electric has three separate substantial projects coming up inside of this refinery. Each of these projects is currently on-hold, but when released, Contra Costa Electric will be looking to bring on both journeymen and apprentices. Members looking to take a call out to Contra Costa Electric at P66 Refinery will be installing cable trays of different voltages, installing RIGID conduit sizes large and small. Members are required to have the RSO20, TWIC, must be able to pass a background test, and be clean shaven

Currently, Contra Costa is looking for a certified High Voltage Cable Splicer who has experienced and trained with both 5KV and 34.5 KV TE / Raychem and 3M, and for both cold shrink and heat shrink splices and stress relief. This High Voltage Cable Splicer must be willing to also work 6-10’s.

Marathon Refinery-Carson & Wilmington – Schultz Electric is looking to bring on approximately 50–60 more journeymen as well as more apprentices this year.

Schultz Electric has about $18 million of electrical work currently underway and has been awarded a huge $61 million contract for an automation modernization project for the entire refinery. Schultz Electric will be needing more manpower, not only this year, but in the years to come. To take a call for Schultz at Marathon Refinery, members need the RSO20, TWIC, be able to pass a hair follicle and background test and be clean shaven.

World Energy Refinery-Paramount – Newtron Electric will continue to place calls for 8–10 journeypersons approximately every two to three weeks. Newtron is still working to get their crew sizes to the projected levels for the rebuild of this brand-new clean fuels refinery.

The clean fuels project at World Energy Refinery is a very long-term project, so, Newtron Electric is looking for members who are acquainted with industrial work and willing to get the job done.

Torrance – PBF Refinery – M.B. Herzog Electric will be looking to hire two or three instrumentation technicians in about three weeks. M.B. Herzog believes their current manpower and will be able to do most of the work for their turnarounds through the rest of 2022. In 2023, M.B. Herzog has many major projects already awarded.

Chevron Refinery – El Segundo – Both Contra Costa Electric and Johnson – Peltier Electric will continue to perform the work they have with their current manpower.

T.H.U.M.S. Islands-Long Beach – Schultz Electric is doing good with their current contract and their current manpower. They will not be looking to bring on any additional manpower.

Marathon Pipelines-Port Terminals – Southland E&I Services is currently doing well with their current manpower and is not looking to bring on any additional manpower at this time.

Manny Solis

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