President’s Message – September 2022

Get Out The Vote!

Brothers and Sisters,

Last month the “tail end” of my article spoke on the importance of supporting politicians who support union labor. Our Political Director will be reaching out to all of us very soon to walk precincts, man phone banks and attend rallies. Most of the politicians we support are Democrats but every now and then we’ll support a Republican. For the most part, if the politician supports union labor, then we’ll support them. Other issues of these two parties do matter but the most important issue is JOBS! Good union wage-paying JOBS! Certainly, issues like gun control, climate change, next generation education and an assortment of civil rights are also on our minds, but having a job, a long-term career with middle class wages are paramount above all else. Please, take the time to look at our recommendations and please, please, please get out and VOTE! If you have questions about our endorsements, then call and ask. Our union members’ collective voting power has gained us valuable results. Join me in getting out the VOTE! 

In Solidarity,

Gaylord R “Rusty” Roten
President IBEW Local 11

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