Organizing Report – August 2022

Please welcome Taylor Electric and Volt Electric as new signatory contractors to Local 11. You should see job calls from these contractors in the future. Through your skill and knowledge, as you do with all our signatory contractors, make them see why they chose to be union.

We have ongoing campaigns with three non-union contractors performing work in our area: Berg Electric, Helix Electric and AJ Kirkwood. If you come across any of their jobs or any electricians working for them, please refer them to the local’s organizing department. We will be starting to give COMET classes in late October, where we will start with our 4th and 5th year apprentices and working our way back. We hope to see the interest from our journeymen wireman and hope to put one on for them early next year.

Should any member have an interest in becoming a SALT, please contact the Organizing Department or reach out to your District’s organizer.

Robert Corona
Sr. Asst. Business Manager/ Director of Organizing
Office: (626) 243-9726
Cell: (310) 503-4679

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