Sound & Communications Report – July 2022

The times that we are living in today are not what we are accustomed to. Usually during the summer season, work is very good, and the books are scarce due to the generous workload that the contractors provide us. Like anything in life, we all go through trials, but eventually we rise above them. I would like to hope this too will pass.

We, the staff within this organization, work diligently with other outside allies that help in this process. Recently, we gained three additional Project Labor Agreements – El Camino City College, the Ocean Avenue Project in the city of Santa Monica and the Long Beach Renewable Hydrogen Energy project. More are in the works.

Keep the faith and continue to work hard so we will be telling the truth in these city council meetings when we say, “our members are the most skilled, well trained, and qualified to perform this work.” Optimism will help set you on a great path mentally, to a successful career and home life.

Stay safe and be well.

Christine Austria-Lozoya

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