Political Director’s Report – July 2022

On to November

By Antonio Sanchez, Political Director

In addition to the statewide elected officers, state legislature, federal, and local endorsements we have made, we’ve prioritized a state proposition and local City of Los Angeles measures. I will focus on Proposition 30 and the United to House LA measure in this report.

A “yes” vote on Proposition 30 will increase the personal income tax on individuals making over $2 million a year. The funds raised from taxing millionaires will help fund the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations, ease the purchase of electric vehicles for regular folks, and support wildfire suppression and prevention.

Keep in mind that a few years ago, the State of California mandated 100 percent of in-state vehicle sales be zero emission by 2035. That means we need the infrastructure to power the zero emission vehicles, which includes electric cars. We need to see more electric vehicles on the road, but the truth is, electric cars aren’t cheap. That’s why it was important Proposition 30 will help regular folks afford one and retire their high polluting gasoline powered vehicles.

Proposition 30 runs straight at our priorities – stopping climate change and creating IBEW jobs. I hope it has your support.

The United to House LA measure is a property transfer tax in the city of Los Angeles worth over $5 million. It was drafted by labor, affordable housing advocates, homeless service providers, and renters’ advocates. We estimate the measure will raise between $800 million and $1.2 billion a year. A large percentage of the funds will be used to build affordable housing, only using organized labor. Of course, that includes IBEW Local 11 members. In addition to the construction piece, the measure will also fund short-term emergency housing for people experiencing homelessness, renters’ right to an attorney to prevent an increase in homelessness, and rental assistance for seniors on the brink of homelessness. We’re taking on big issues with this measure because housing is expensive in Los Angeles, and we need more solutions to help get people off the street.

Now you might be reading this thinking you’re not a fan of more taxes. Prop. 30 and the United to House LA measure will tax millionaires and billionaires. Furthermore, the funds raised will help the neediest.

Climate change and homelessness continue to poll as high priorities for voters everywhere. Both Proposition 30 and the United to House LA measure help address those issues. So, let’s uplift those issues and help create union jobs!

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