CE/CW Report – May 2022

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

As a reminder, please log in your hours in your student portal. It is important to get your upgrades. Also remember if you unable to make class, please fill out a letter of absence (LOA) and submit documentation for your absence. It must be for a legitimate reason.

It is very important you are responsible for renewing your trainee cards, so be aware when they are due to be renewed and send your renewal fee 60 days prior along with a letter from the ETI with your application.

I’m also very involved in getting all CWs their upgrades making things flow easier. I will be doing a massive email to all CWs about a mandatory Zoom meeting that will be coming up.

I’m excited to share with you the changes that are coming.

Please be safe out there and wear your masks when needed to protect from Covid. I’m here if you need me, seven days a week. Always remember that I work for you and that is my honor to serve you.

Jackie Waltman

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