District 6 Report — March 2022

Greetings to all our Brothers and Sisters of the mighty IBEW Local 11.

We recently hosted a steward class conductedby IBEW International Reps. Thank you for all who stepped up, much respect. Our ETI is now open for classes in all classifications. District 6 is still taking roster for classes we will be having soon including LA QSP and Foremanship courses.

Congratulations to the newly-elected members of our welfare committee! I’m sure you all will do a great job at truly helping members in need. Fresh, new innovative members have been elected to give D6 welfare revitalized and rejuvenated ideas.

The strike by BCTGM Local 37 at Rich Frozen foods that we supported – and that I had the honor of standing with – has finally come to agreement! Now the grocery worker’s union, UFCW, is about to take a strike vote, and Local 11 will back our UFCW brothers and sisters on the front lines also.

We will soon be hosting a Contractor Course, a five-day in-depth class.

Remember to take advantage of our Cadillac benefits for you and your loved ones, including financial education, mental health, and professional assistance.

Negotiations are just around the corner, and I recommend that you save your money and live within your means. We came close to a strike vote at our last contract negotiations, so be wise. Local 11’s website has a place where you can submit proposals for our negotiations online. There will be hard copies of this form at all our Local 11 halls soon.

Hybrid unit meetings have been successful and useful for those wanting the in-person meeting but who can’t manage to get there. The Zoom registration links are blasted to our membership prior to the Unit Meetings.

Recently the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, completed its endorsement of union-friendly advocates, who will fight for us and continue to protect our interests.

We have work coming up with the Irwindale Brewery, Queen of the Valley Hospital, Foothill Extension, EV installations in the SGV, and a high school football stadium. A major car company will be building design facilities in District 6 soon.

Down the road, we’ve also got our Local 11 picnic scheduled for August 6. Stay tuned for details.

Tutoring is available by staff and members for interested members.

Please refrain from “bearing false witness” on social media in attempts to help others. Misinformation and false information are just that. I understand people trying to help, but at times it hinders progress. Get with the current administration for the real deal.

Take good care of yourselves and loved ones out there. As always it is my honor and privilege to serve this union.

May God bless you abundantly.

Jacob Troncoza
Business Representative
District 6

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