District 4 Report — March 2022

Greetings Brothers and Sisters from District 4,

I hope this article finds you and your families happy and healthy. It seems we have turned the corner on this pandemic and things seem to be getting back to normal.

In the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys, LAUSD and LACCD campuses are being rebuilt or added on to. We have a PLA on the new community being constructed behind Magic Mountain. We also have a $1 billion PLA at Olive View Medical Center. Work has already begun on that project. Hot off the Press! The Rams may be building a new Training Center at the site of the old Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills! The work picture looks great for the foreseeable future.

As a reminder, contract negotiations are coming up. This is your local, and contract proposal suggestions may be submitted on the Local 11 website.

I would personally like to thank the entire District 4 Welfare Committee for all their hard work in helping our members. If you know of any members having trouble paying their dues due to illness, injury or other hardship, have them contact their welfare committee for assistance.

ETI is willing to hold continued education classes at District 4 if we can show there is a demand. Come to District 4 or call to have your name and card number placed on a class list.

I hope everyone and their families remain happy and healthy throughout the year!

Marc Greenfield
District 4 Business Agent

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