Refinery Report – February 2022

Hello, Brothers and Sisters.

The much-anticipated calls for our refinery work have been trickling in with many more calls anticipated for all classifications.

Currently at Valero, Wilmington-California Spectra has been hiring both journeymen wiremen and certified instrumentation technicians. All journeymen calls for the FCC Turnaround have been filled while a few instrumentation technician calls have gone unfilled. California Spectra has been placing the instrumentation technician calls into dispatch with requests for the Level A certification. Level A is the first year of the instrumentation certification, while the Level B includes the second year hands-on portion of the certification.

I urge everyone who enjoys doing industrial work to sign up for the instrumentation technician class at the ETI. Please plan on taking a little time to spend in the classroom for a lifetime of wonderful work in a very specialized area of our industry. IBEW Local 11 currently needs an abundance of certified instrumentation technicians to keep up with the demand of the specialized job requests for this work in all our refineries.

The work at the old Paramount Refinery is just about here as the new owners, World Energy, are simply waiting on an AQMD permitto be passed. Newtron Electric has the main contract for the work inside of the new World Energy refinery and will be requesting all classifications of IBEW members to man this very long-term project. The requirements to work at this refinery will be a RSO 20 certificate and proof of full vaccination.

We are currently looking for IBEW members who live in the city of Paramount to write emails to the Paramount City Council. If you live in the city of Paramount or know an IBEW member who does, please contact me.We really need to get this going so that this very important project can be started.

M.B. Herzog has also been manning up for turnaround work at the Torrance-PBF Refinery. In recent weeks, M.B. Herzog had calls in for certified instrumentation technicians which they were not able to fill;. M.B. Herzog has also been picking up work in other refineries within Local 11 and will be in need of additional electricians and certified level B instrumentation technicians on a few of the new projects they have been awarded. Most calls for M.B. Herzog will require the RSO 20 certificate and the TWIC card. Members must also be clean-shaven.

Contra Costa Electric is also getting started with some turn-around work in the Phillips 66 Refinery in Wilmington and will be in need of certified Journeymen wiremen and women. The calls for Contra Costa should hit the hall in the next couple of weeks.

California Spectra electric also has some of the contracts inside of the new World Energy Refinery in Paramount and will also be looking to man those projects with all classifications, once the AQMD Permit is approved at the new World Energy Refinery in the coming months.

Manny Solis
Refinery Business Representative
(626) 318-7442

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