Intelligent Transportation Report — January 2022

Greetings Members,

With the flip of the calendar, we enter a new year, and by the time this goes out, we will be almost through January. Wow!

I hope to find that you and yours are staying safe during the pandemic.

Work continues to be constant in all Public Works sectors and agencies. Transportation Systems work remains steady, and it will ramp up and require more workers. Please encourage anyone you may know to apply for apprenticeship at

Welcome again to our new members as well to the membership of Unit 17, Railroad Communication and Signal Maintenance. This goes out to members employed at Herzog Contracting as well as the new signatory, Highball Signal.

During the early fall, Concrete Corers received a raise allocation along with the Billboard Maintenance Members who are now working under a new four-year Agreement. Congratulations to President Roten and Business Manager Barton for successfully negotiating a good and fair contract in these areas of IBEW Local 11 work.


Patrick Owens
Business Representative
626 255-2706

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