District 5 Report — January 2022

Happy New Year, Brothers and Sisters,

I hope everyone had a good holiday and that your families are all well. Up here in the High Desert (God’s Country), we continue to have good employment. Ferreira Construction is working the 25 MW solar job, Rosendin Electric continues the 25 MW project in Lancaster. CSI Electric is working the 125 MW Battery Storage project and Sargent Electric is working the 125 MW Battery Storage job to name a few.

We are working on more Community Workforce Agreements around the Valley. Currently we have 12 agreements active.

If you are interested in taking a class to better yourself or to get your ongoing education hours for your state certification, please call District 5 and put your name on the list. A big shoutout to our brother, King Moore, a Lancaster Planning Commissioner who is running for Lancaster City Council. Remember brothers and sisters, that through politics, we secure our future.

Our District 5 meetings are on the second Tuesday of every month. Come and find out what’s going on in your district and enjoy the comradery. A big thank you to our officers and activists for all their help, hard work and participation.

God Bless the IBEW.

Mitch Klein

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