District 1 South Report — December 2021

The Intuit Dome (Clippers arena) has awarded more electrical contracts to NECA contractors. CSI Electric has been awarded some work. Sasco Electric has been awarded single line. BEC has been awarded fire alarm and On Target has been awarded the conduit and raceways for the BEC fire alarm contract. 

Belvedere Middle School in East L.A. is a $100 Million dollar project for which the electrical contract has been awarded to Rosendin Electric. 

Seed Project on Vermont Avenue and Manchester Boulevard has been awarded to Touchstone Electric. This is a two-year project. 

Rosendin Electric  is doing a Los Angeles City housing project at Crenshaw Electric that is in its early stages. It will be the first City of L.A. project where they’re stacking prefabbed containers on top of each other. 

CSI Electric has been awarded a new Student union building at L.A. Southwest College which will be starting in December. 

It is indeed an honor the serve you at IBEW Local 11. Everyone, have a merry Christmas and happy holidays. 

Shomari Davis

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