Sound & Communications Report – October 2021

At our October Unit meeting, the discussion centered on the upcoming raise and how we should allocate the $3.05 that we would be seeing at the end of December 2021. Efforts were made to educate and inform the members who were present. Again, at the Friday night Zoom Informational meeting, which was held so that the Benefits Committee could put forth their recommendations to the Sound & Communications Unit, we spent about two hours allowing everyone to speak to the issues in an effort to make sure that decisions were made using the best information available. The ballots will be counted by the Executive Board of Local 11 on Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Pasadena offices. Please remember to get your ballots back in to Local 11 as soon as possible.

The Local 11 picnic at Hollywood Sports Park in Downy started off with a little rain but turned out to be a beautiful day with a great time had by all our members. There were games to play, and mountains to climb for the kids and free food, fellowship and prizes for all our members. A special thanks to the Business Manager and the Picnic Committee for a great time.

The winter slowdown has started, and while the calls have tapered off, the books have not seen a substantial amount of growth. As I write this, less than 40 members have signed Book 1. There is a lot going on at LAX, LAUSD, downtown, and even some work up in the high desert. Now is a great time to sign up for classes at the ETI, OSHA 10/OSHA 30, VDV and FLS test prep and more. Go to the website,, or give them a call at (323) 221-5881, and get the certs that will keep you working. If we want to have the best trained work force on the west coast, only we can make it happen.

Stay Safe, Work Safe, Play Hard

Chuck Webb

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