District 3 Report – April 2021

District 3 Report – April 2021

Hello from the South Bay,

As the vaccines continue to rollout and the work begins to pick up, I am expecting a great second half to 2021. The Business Manager continues to secure vaccines for any member and their families who want to come and get vaccinated. If you haven’t checked out the website lately, I strongly encourage you to pay it a visit.

The work picture in District 3 is still humming along. We are getting our share of job calls and still have multiple existing jobsites with hundreds of members manning them.  I’ve been visiting the many jobsites at the airport which include the LAWA Police Station, DWP RS-X, United Airlines Hangar and ConRAC just to mention a few. All those jobs should continue to be putting in job calls as labor is needed. As the other trades on the Automated People Mover (APM) continue to finish their tasks, I see a need for more wireman on that project. As a reminder, the APM stretches from the 405 all the way into the airport terminals horseshoe. If you want to take a job at the airport, LAWA requires an OSHA 30 within the last four years.

As of this writing, clerical is currently setting up in the South Bay dispatch office and will be working out all the bugs to begin full on dispatching April 19. If you live anywhere near Torrance or get laid off and find this to be a convenient location, we are here for you to sign the book and talk to your agents.

And finally, this is an election year in Local 11. Don’t let apathy stand between you and the direction you want your union to go in. Please research the issues and the candidates so you can make an informed decision. No vote, no complaints. I serve at the pleasure of the membership, so please never hesitate to call or text.

Please continue to stay safe and take care of yourself, your brothers and sisters, and of course your family.

Mike Costigan
Business Agent, District 3
(310) 503-5337