District 2 — November Report

I have continued to visit various jobsites in the D2 area. Most recently I have made visits to Cerritos College where HMT Electric is doing the Performing Arts building and to CSULB where Sasco Electric is doing the Residence building. Conti Electric is doing Long Beach Veterans Hospital. I have also visited Morrow Meadows Electric at AES; Los Alamitos Battery Storage Facility, Schultz Electric at Valero and Wilmington Refinery. Baker Electric is doing a nice job at the Long Beach Airport.

Currently the IBEW has a grievance at AES Battery Storage Facility against P & G. The IBEW has a PLA Agreement for the project and P & G is not following the requirements. I will have more information as we move forward.

Shultz Electric is manning up slowly for pre-shutdown work at Marathon Refinery at both the Carson and Wilmington side of Marathon Refinery. Schultz Electric is following the PLA and working on keeping their ratio of JW’s to Apprentices valid. Currently we have unfilled apprentice calls for Schultz Electric.

Both a current RSO & TWIC card are required to take a call out to Marathon Refinery. There are informational fliers available at dispatch for the RSO and TWIC cards. The IBEW will be doing all of the electrical, instruments and welding for these projects at Marathon Refinery. We are going to need everyone who is interested in doing this very good industrial work at the refineries to acquire a TWIC card and the RSO Safety Training Card to be able to man this work.  Turnarounds are coming and the project will continue to employ many of us for a very long time.

At the Torrance Refinery in the coming months, we will need a multitude of workforce from apprentices, journeypersons, instrumentation technicians, and welders. Again, RSO  and TWIC cards are required. The pre-turnaround work at Torrance Refinery will begin as early as January 2021. Other pre-turnaround work there will begin in April and May. There are as many as 10 turnaround projects scheduled to commence in July, August and September of 2021.

As many of you might have heard, Brother Gary Tomlin has returned as your D2 business Representative and he and I work together to represent our members. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or brother Gary for all matters in the D2 area.

Manny Solis
District 2 Business Representative

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