If Not Now, When? If Now, Then How?

The American Labor Movement is the last line of defense for working families when it comes to fighting for living wages, safe working conditions, retirement plans and laws that benefit the American worker – the backbone of our country. We ARE the checks and balances of the American Economy. Our strength is in our organized numbers and in our financial power. Our Unions are funded by us, the members, and our finances are put to work for us.

On the other end of the table are the multi-billion-dollar corporations and the elite who profit off the backs of the American Worker. Their goal is to maximize profits for their shareholders at all costs, and usually it is their employees who pay that price in low wages, bad or no healthcare, no retirement, and unsafe working conditions.

We have a President in the White House today who is, without a shadow of a doubt, working to dismantle the power of the American Labor Movement. Donald Trump is anti-union to his core and is pro “Right to Work” which has proven to be the worst option for the American Worker. He has appointed a Labor Secretary that is anti-union, a Supreme Court Justice who is anti-union, and has appointed people to the National Labor Relations Board that are anti-union, amongst many things. Number 45 is our greatest adversary ever.

We have a duty as a Union to stand, fight, and defeat Donald Trump in November. Our International Union and Local are standing in Solidarity with the AFL-CIO and almost every Union in the US against Trump.

It is time NOW, for us as IBEW members, who have benefitted from our Union, to stand up and protect it.  

We are registering voters, members, and non-members. Registering to vote is easier than making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s easier than mowing the lawn, or a sudoku game. And it is crucial in this battle for the future of Labor Unions and the quality of life for Working families.

I have registered a couple dozen members at our Metro Dispatch Hall, and it’s in the air, people are ready to stand up and participate in change and taking back the White House.

IBEW Local 11 is asking you to register 11 voters, in our 11 for 11 campaign. Meaning every member of Local 11 register 11 new voters. This will be a powerful move in electoral politics for the Middle Class.  Also, this will raise our percentage of registered voters in our local, which adds to our political power in our dealings with elected officials, and our strategy to win more PLAs across LA County. Also, you will get a raffle ticket for every voter that you register. The prizes are great.

FYI, we will be participating with the LA County Federation of Labor in weekly Phone banking efforts, for local politics and national politics.

Today we can win these battles with pen and paper and phone calls, in this war to protect and expand the American Middle Class. I’ll see you on the front-line sisters and brothers.

For more voting information check our website, www.IBEW11.org , or contact Antonio Sanchez, IBEW Local 11 Political Director to volunteer at 626-660-9550.

Francisco “Paco” Arago
District 1 Organizer

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