Unit 14 Civil Service — July Report

Sisters and Brothers,

This period of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus is unprecedented for probably all of us. What I have learned over the past few weeks is that this virus picks and chooses who it is going to kill, no matter the age or health of the victim. It is extremely important that we are aware of our surroundings and who is near us. As you continue to go to work every day as an essential worker, always keep your loved ones in mind. One instance of bad timing or poor protection can be devastating.

Below are updates to our contracts.

LAUSD: We have had our first meeting with our negotiation team. Although the bargaining climate is not the best for us, we will make our very best effort to get you a contract you can support. If you have any proposals, please send them to arida@ibew11.org.

LA County: Most of you know the following, but I am going to explain to those who don’t, how IBEW negotiates with the County. We are part of the Building Trades Council along with the other trades, and we negotiate together for your MOU. For the health benefits MOU, the Building Trades (including IBEW) join forces with the County Coalition of Unions (CCU) which includes all other unions except SEIU. The CCU is attempting to negotiate with the County over the impact of the budget shortfall. Bear in mind that we have not agreed to anything. The County would like to stop the Horizons match and postpone your scheduled raises to avoid layoffs. We are not in agreement. Ultimately, we do not want anyone to get laid off, but the County needs to negotiate in good faith rather than try to dictate terms.

Additionally, we have a large group grievance filed over how the CDC and DHS Covid protocols are being followed at Public Works. I can’t discuss details, but I will give periodic updates. The bottom line is that we need to look out for one another by making sure everyone is wearing their PPE and maintaining as much distance as possible, which I know can sometimes be difficult considering our line of work. Please do your best to stay safe and protect your loved ones.

LA City: We have successfully negotiated a postponement of the pending furloughs. Additionally, if we can get enough people to take the Separation Incentive Program, you may not be faced with furloughs at all. So please encourage the eligible people to take it.

MOU 35: As hiring hall employees, you might from time to time, feel that you are treated poorly. I have no doubt that this in fact, does happen. Despite this, you continue to bring value and craftsmanship to the City. We continue to fight and negotiate better terms for your new contract. Unfortunately, the virus has temporarily sidetracked us. I ask you to continue to be patient and understanding my brothers and sisters.

For further information, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at (626) 712-4769. Alternatively, you can email me directly at arida@ibew11.org.

Luis Arida
Business Representative
Civil Service

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