Sound & Communications — May Report

Sound & Comm Brothers and Sisters,

Wow, what a ride. The first part of this year has been unlike anything that we have ever seen. I do not think any of you were around to see the Spanish Flu of 1918. Some of you have taken advantage of the furlough agreement while others have worked right through this pandemic. Regardless of where you found yourself, we all know that life as we knew it will only be a memory that we will fondly remember.

We still have a lot of work ahead us. I spend many hours each day on pre job conferences regarding our upcoming work, trying to make sure that other trades do not take what is ours. I believe that this diligence is paying off for our local, and you, our members, will have plenty of work for the foreseeable future. You, however, will need to do your part. We expect you, as a member, to carry your dues receipt with you always. This helps all to be recognized as members of this great local. From time to time we have others trying to slip into our territory without the proper credentials and work, taking the work from our members. That dues receipt in your pocket lets everyone know that you are authorized to be there. You, as members, must police this on the job. Unfortunately, we cannot put a Steward on every jobsite, many of you work for contractors that have small crews that are constantly moving from jobsite to jobsite. When new people show up on your job welcome them, show them your dues receipt, and ask to see theirs. If your contractor has a problem with this call me, we will have someone drop by your jobsite and we will check everyone’s dues receipt. Your working dues helps in the negotiations for PLA’s, CWA’s, etc.… In our Collective Bargaining Agreement, aka the 9th District Sound Agreement, there are rules for portability, and if these rules are followed everyone is happy. Help us to make sure that all our members have the same chance to pay their bills, raise their kids, and enjoy life.

Work safe, Play safe,

Chuck Webb
Business Rep.

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