From the President

Brothers and Sisters,

Because of the recent current events, some of our members who are “reservists” will likely get called into duty (sometime in the near future) with the National Guard. I just want to let you brothers and sisters (who do get called into duty) know that your pension and health benefits are being maintained and credited with service hours by the trust offices. The law that stipulates this is called “USERRA,” or the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (of 1994). If you are being called into service give the pension and health trust a call and find out how this is going to affect you. Whether you get additional credited benefits or your benefits become “frozen,” the pension and health trust will give you the necessary “peace of mind.”

In these difficult and uncertain times so many of our members are being pushed to extremes and both Business Manager Joel Barton and I are proud of every one of you. Do what you can, stay cool, be safe and show everyone how Local 11 is “a cut above the rest.” Remember, when it comes to your benefits, you should always give the trust offices the first call.

Thank you and I remain fraternally yours in solidarity,

Rusty Roten
President / Sr. Asst. Bus. Mgr.

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