Unit 15 Report

On November 8th we had a great turn out for the 3rd Veterans BBQ for our Veterans at Kinkisharyo. This year it was attended by Palmdale Mayor Steve Hofbauer, 50 plus members, and IBEW Local 11 staff. Unfortunately, work at Kinkisharyo is dwindling down as the last train from the P3010 contract nears completion.  We are down to about 150 members presently from the 450 at our highest point. By early 2020 will be down to a skeleton crew as the company tries to secure another contract to keep the remaining members working. Many of our members are transitioning to BYD and Lockheed and will luckily be able to stay local.

After 9 long months of negotiations we reached an agreement on a contract with Covanta Long Beach. The members from Covanta were able to secure affordable health, a wage increase for all union employees with retro pay back to January, as well as a significant increase in the companie’s contribution to their 401k benefits. Thank you to the negotiation committee Valentino Spaleta and Teresa Rodriguez. They were a vital part of the negotiation process and both brought invaluable knowledge to the table. We are now working with the company to make sure our members have a safe work environment to work in and making sure that our CBA is followed.

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