District 3 — December Report

Another year is in the rearview mirror, and what a year it was. The work picture was the best I’ve ever seen, and next year is setting up not to disappoint as well. In District 3, the airport will be bringing the most work with the Automated People Mover [APM], Consolidated Rental Car [ConRac], and a new LAWA Police Station. The Mid Field Satellite Concourse and Rams Stadium are going to be winding down next year, but with the previous mentioned projects as well as other projects throughout Los Angeles County, there will be plenty of work for all our members.

I want to make special mention of a member in District 3. Ormond Brown. Ormond took a position off the Journeyman wireman book for the ETI a couple of years ago and has made a great positive impact in that position. As well as serving the ETI, he was a Head Teller for last year’s election, joined the District 3 Welfare Committee, is the new Recording Secretary for the District 3 Unit meetings and represented District 3 for the allocation committee. He is also constantly talking about increasing “Fellowship” amongst the membership. In my humble opinion, Ormond is what all union members should aspire to be.

I also want to give special thanks to all the stewards out there doing what can sometimes be a thankless job. I want to especially thank the stewards in District 3. Mike Arvahi and JJ Talamantes at the stadium, Miguel Angeles at the LAX MSC, Rafael Naranjo at Chevron, King Moore at Facebook, and Marvin LaBrie on the LAX/Crenshaw Metro Project. If you think your job could use a steward, think about stepping up, and reach out to that districts Business Rep.

And finally, I encourage every member to do their best to get to a meeting. General or unit. Stay informed. Stay engaged. Like most organizations, the more you’re involved, the more you get out of it. And the IBEW is no different.

Mike Costigan

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