ETI Hosts Annual Labor 411 BBQ, County Fed House of Labor Meeting

The Electrical Training Institute’s parking lot recently played host to Labor 411’s BBQ and Trade Show. The 11th annual event featured dozens of vendors, food, music and a raffle. The BBQ took place prior to the Los Angeles Federation of Labor’s monthly House of Labor meeting.

IBEW 11 grillmaster Mario Barragan joined IBEW 47 brother Rick Garcia to prepare tacos served by a team from Unite Here! Local 11.

“This is the biggest BBQ we’ve held in our 11 years of doing this,” said Cherri Senders, President of Labor 411. “We are grateful to the Electrical Training Institute for offering this amazing space, and to the talented and professional team at ETI for helping us pull this off. We couldn’t not have done it without them.”

Approximately 500 House of Labor delegates were in attendance as Teamster Local 396 Secretary-Treasurer Ron Herrera was sworn in as the LA Fed’s newly elected President

“There’s a fire in the hearts of L.A.’s workers that can transform our city if we listen to them and we let them lead,” Herrera said. “I’m honored and humbled to serve the people who give this city everything it has. Together, let’s build an inclusive, innovative labor movement for all workers.”

Labor 411 is committed to building a national Buy Union, Buy American movement as a means of improving the safety and economic well-being of union workers and their families. The organization works to educate and empower consumers to make ethical choices and flex their purchasing power to support companies and that support good jobs.

A one-stop resource for people who want to buy union-made goods and services, Labor 411’s print and online directory provides greater visibility to union products and union-made goods and services and helps union decision makers ensure that their dollars and their values are connecting with the community at large. Reaching union officers and staff, union-friendly vendors and friends of organized labor around the county, Labor 411’s print and online directories strive to make an impact one purchase at a time.


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