District 5 — April Report

Good day Brothers & Sisters from the High Desert,

Cupertino Electric has begun hiring for the San Pablo Raceway Solar Project, Taft Electric has started new projects at Antelope Valley College and the Palmdale School District. CSI Electric is continuing work at Northrup and Lockheed.

I want to personally thank our members who came out April 4th for the L.A. County Planning Commission Public Hearing held at Del Sur Elementary School as we try to capture more of the solar work. Gerri Stewart, Victor Pugh, Oliver Lopez, Joshua Rivas, Mike Karninski, Morris Barahona, Cesar Salazar, Stanley Youngblood, Darren Hilts, Ian Gibson, Kathy Maclaren, Romeo Gonzalez, Jess Cruz Mendoza, Alfredo Torres, Michael Polanco, Alton Wilkerson, King Moore, Blake Howington, and Gabriel Diaz Lopez were all in attendance, voicing their opinions and making the Brotherhood stand for the proposed work. God bless these members and the people who have come out in the past, battling to secure more work for our members.

Brothers and Sisters, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of attending these Planning Commission, School Board, City Council and Water Board meetings to fight for our Community Workforce Agreements and do all that we can for more work. When we all come together as one, we are a force to be reckoned with. You all remember the old saying, United we stand – divided we fall!!! Please, find it in your heart to come out and help us when there is a call to arms.

Thanks also to our Members, Officers, and Staff for all your hard work.

God Bless,

Mitch Klein

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